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Short Stories

A stranger heralds a vampire’s arrival, a fae offers to play a deadly game. An invulnerable man protects a dying land. The last daughter of a murdered dynasty confronts her conspirators. A family of dogs mourns their god. History, faith, and fantasy meet as all things change.

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Completed Novels


A break-in at an old house in Suffolk reveals the appalling secret of its reclusive occupant and transforms the lives of six people, all of whom wish to escape their current lives, but for very different reasons. A mix of contemporary fiction and fantasy.


A fantastical journey through a dreamscape of shifting perspectives as a dying man struggles to come to terms with mortality and guilt. A mix of literary fiction and myth.

Ongoing Novels

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431 AD. The Roman Empire, triumphant in the East, exhausted and failing in the West, struggles to transition from its pagan past to its Christian future. Among the chaos of invasion and political rivalry, two Bishops go to war over the leadership of the Church. The faith of millions hangs in the balance. A historical novel of Rome and the third ecumenical Council of the Church, meticulously researched.


Rival empires race to the brink of war while great lords seek weapons of ancient power. A young Prioress of the Abbey of Fire and the disgraced leader of a dragon-hunter’s guild desperately seek answers, unaware of the parts they’ll play in events beyond their control. A fantasy novel.

The Hanged God

In an ancient world of priestesses and warriors, the Fates rule the lives of the tribe. Every year the old god dies and the new god rises from his blood. One young warrior seeks to break the world, and create a new one from the flames. His name is Gallowlord, One-Eye, Glad-of-War. His worshipers will call him Odin. A novel of historical fantasy.

The Year of Our Lord

Many have passed away, but some women still survive to tell their story. And those women have the greatest story to tell, for they were there too, and saw everything, from the first miracle to the last impossible one; when a rabble-rousing peasant proved he was God by rising from the dead. A historical novel of the 1st Century, and of the women who followed Jesus all the way; to the cross and to the tomb.

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